My first casting ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went for my first ever casting since starting @ star models. It was for the product Gardena TVC. The scene was to play lovers sitting on a bench at a park and being all in love and happy. The guy that was my love interest had a BIG BUNCH OF DARK HAIR. I didn't know how to act, he said I was beautiful............. and I kept touching hes hair, I even told him I love the hair. So I tried to improvise and gave him little kiss on the cheek. He gave me kisses on the neck. I must say I sated getting shivers down my spine.For a hot stranger to kiss your neck even for a second not bad.Let's just say it's nothing compared to Romeo and Juliet."I flew over these walls with Love's light wings. For stony boundaries cannot hold Love out, And what Love can do, Love dares to attempt". But it was fun and it's the first one of many to come. I want to learn how to play guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!